Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Being Interviewed ...

This is actually nothing got to do with JDK ... Just my idea on the development of software.


I have Joined a new startup company, I mean to say my company(Mindchain Solutions Ltd) had signed up a contract  with another company to work on a new product in the betting arena. I am going to write a few of my rumble (or my  expression of dissatisfaction).

I am a hardcore developer ( Architect, Analyst, Coder(senior)) the only thing which does not come to me is the business of making money. And how idiotic these days the interviews are,

They ask candidates to write tests (online or in house)

Ask some idiotic technical questions like ( what is difference between Interface and Abstract class?) or sometime go a bit further and ask questions from the Java API like

in the ConcurrentHashMap

Can you tell me what the method putifabsent does and the interviewer not being English has a weird pronunciation,

And if with difficulty even if we answer that question call us for face to face and if we give the best solution, reject us because we gave a very good answer, and they don't have any other reason to reject.

For example, I was asked to write a program to see if the input text was a palindrome and if so create a user and add his count as one.

when I gave them the solution as we can use StringBuffer.reverse() and then compare both the original text and reversed text. Which is the best solution which can exist. Reject the candidate.

A person with experience will have worked on technologies, his experience will be an assert to the company.

My Startup experience has to come to a end ... the main reason is Recession :) ...